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Aktobe hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Aktobe, Abylkhair-hana Ave., 44

Phone numberCall+7 (7132) 54-40-42

Location and features: The Aktobe hotel is conveniently located in the cultural and business center of the city of Aktobe near office buildings. Bus Stop  is Ocean.


Room price from: 20$

Amsterdam hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Aktobe, G. Zhubanova St. 50 "A"

Phone numberCallCall+7(7132) 524-000, +7 (7132) 524-001

Location and features: Hotel is located in the downtown of Aktobe. Between children's shops of Simba and Liuam. The Amsterdam hotel is a hotel complex of the international class which has 50 rooms. Having visited our hotel, you will open silence and a cosiness of our rooms. At all rooms there are a minibar and satellite television on 80 channels, all rooms are equipped with conditioners and bathrooms. Also in it is possible to use the free wireless Internet. The breakfast — a buffet is included in a room rate.


Room price from: 51$

Asia hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Aktobe, Eset batyr st 138a

Phone numberCallCall+7 (7132)56-70-28, +7 (7132)55-06-90

Location and features: The hotel is located in the downtown of Aktobe. On the contrary supermarket Dastarkhan


Room price from: 30$

Aray Hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Aktobe, st. B. Zhubanovykh, 272 in

Phone numberCall+7 (7132)95 41 51

Location and features

The new modern hotel "Aray" opened the doors for guests of Aktobe in December, 2009. The hotel is located in the downtown of Aktobe near the administrative and cultural centers. Stay in hotel will help guests to experience the atmosphere of the city and will fill with inspiration and energy.


Room price from: 28$

Hotel complex Ayhan

Adress: Aktobe, Sankibay Batyr ave. 12

Phone numberCall+7 (701) 643 1588

Location and features: opposite to Broadcasting Company of Ala Tau


Room price from: 28$

Comfort hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Aktobe, Dzhangildin St., 55

Phone numberCallCall+7 (7132) 220-443, +7-771-608-09-99

Location and features: old city


Room price from: 26$

Dastan Aktobe hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Aktobe, micro district 12, 24, Bogenbay batyr st, 2

Phone numberCallCall+7 (7132) 90 10 00, + 7 701 939 00 10

Location and features: Near the airport and the downtown.
Nearby: Shopping and recreation center of "MEGA Aktobe", Shopping Center Aktobe Azhary; Park of the First President, Vodno-zelyony Boulevard; Mosque "Nrasyr", St. Nicholas Cathedral; "National bank of Kazakhstan".


Room price from: 70$

Flamingo hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Aktobe, Mira Ave., 5 / 1

Phone numberCall+ 7(7132) 532 750 int. 101

Location and features: Hotel is open in September, 2008. It is located in the quiet, cozy, and most green district of the city, near Regional Philharmonic hall, squares.


Room price from: 17$

Green Land hotel

Adress: Aktobe, district of the settlement "Kirpichny"

Phone numberCall+7 (7132) 403-400; +7 (7132) 403-401; +7 (7132) 947-547

Location and features: Green Land is located at "Green-Land" recreation and amusement park in Aktobe.


Room price from: 29$

Ilek hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Aktobe, Ayteke bi st, 44

Phone numberCallCall+7 (7132) 96-01-01, +7-777-757-08-08

Location and features: The hotel constructed in 1965 is one of the first well-planned modern and comfortable hotels of Aktobe. Currently reconstructed.  The convenient arrangement in the center of "old" part of the city creates a possibility of good rest in the silent quiet atmosphere.


Room price from: 10$

Khan Tengri hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Aktobe, Zavodskaya St., 29 (region of the Baby)

Phone numberCall+7 (7132) 40-34-94

Location and features: The complex is located within the city, with a convenient entrance.


Room price from: 14$

Pilot hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Aktobe, Aviagorodok of 22 "B"

Phone numberCall+7 (7132) 22-88-68

Location and features: The Aviator hotel is a modern business – hotel. To services of guests nine comfortable rooms of the class "standard" and "junior suite", a breakfast in room, free wireless Internet, a wide range of additional services and fine service are provided.
Design of spacious rooms in olive or terracotta scale, ergonomic furniture, soft lighting – all this disposes to quiet rest after intense day of work. The price policy is directed to observance of an optimum ratio of the price and quality.


Room price from: 28$

Royal hotel

Adress: Aktobe, Sankibay batyr Ave., 28 E (near Atameken restaurant)

Phone numberCallCall+7-778-687-66-37, +7-775-565-60-35

Location and features: "Royal hotel" offers to services for guests  with a fine ratio of the price and quality.


Room price from: 20$

Sultan hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Aktobe, Br. Zhubanovykh st, 276A

Phone numberCallCallCallCallCallCall+7 (7132) 55-00-99, +7 (7132) 55-11-77 (restaurant, a sauna, a pool), +7 (7132) 54-09-09 – (the pool, a gym)

Location and features: Hotel is located in downtown of Aktobe.


Room price from: 30$

Samal hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Aktobe, Pobeda St. 9 A

Phone numberCall+7 (7132) 508 801

Location and features

Samal hotel complex offers cozy rooms.


Room price from: 6000 KZT

SUNKAR hotel

Adress: Aktyubinsk region, Mr. Shalkar, Tungatarov St., 360

Phone numberCallCall+7 7133 57 76 97, +7 7133 57 76 90

Location and features: Suburban hotel


Room price from: 17$

Tower hostel

Adress: Aktobe, Herzen St., 12

Phone numberCall+7 701 712 69 26

Location and features: Nearby stop, ZhD station, market.


Room price from: 2200 KZT

ZHANAR hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Aktobe, st. on March 8 18 (region of ZhDV)

Phone numberCallCallCall+7 (7132) 22-12-93, +7 (7132) 22-12-94, +7 (7132) 22-12-91

Location and features: In the downtown. Stop Railway station


Room price from: 7000 KZT


Adress: Aktobe Abulkhayyr St. of the khan, 56

Phone numberCallCall8 (713) 257 82 72, 8 (713) 254 38 53

Location and features: district Central stadium