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Meridian hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Karaganda, Kosmonavtov St., 1B

Phone numberCall+7(7212)92-12-99

Location and features: The Meridian hotel is a convenient location, a combination of low cost of rooms, good service and worthy comfort. If you look for budget hotel, we can offer you comfortable accommodation at loyal cost. From 47 offered rooms you surely will be able to choose for yourself the most suitable option. The hotel has near the business center of the city. We will always go to you to a meeting and we will do everything possible that you remained happy with our service.


Room price from: 23$

Ak Zhayyk hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Karaganda 137th uchetny kvartal, 102

Phone numberCall+7-7212-40-29-99

Location and features: close to Metro Shopping Center


Room price from: 26$

Asem Hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Karaganda, Anzherskaya St., 31

Phone numberCallCall+7-7212-44-15-06, +7 775-98-98-389

Location and features: The hotel is located near the Botanical garden and a zoo


Room price from: 7$


Adress: Kazakhstan, Karaganda, Spasskoye Highway, 12

Phone numberCall+7-701-447-37-13

Location and features: near the new market "Avtomerey"


Room price from: 10$

Asia hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Temirtau, st. of Kalinin, 23 - 1, 2 floor

Phone numberCall+7 (7213) 98-27-71

Location and features: Near East park


Room price from: 6$

Aygul Chaykhana Hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Temirtau, st. of Kalinin, 51

Phone numberCall+7 (7213) 98-54-56

Location and features: Near restaurant Zhanar, st. of Kalinin corner of Ushunsky St.


Room price from: 7$

Ak zhol Hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Karaganda, Shturmanskaya St., 21

Phone numberCallCallCall+7 (7213) 78-92-20, +7-778-940-12-40, +7-747-493-87-60

Location and features: On a bypass road


Room price from: 43$

Ak SAMAL hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Karaganda, Universitetskaya St., 38

Phone numberCall+7 (7213) 50-50-21

Location and features: New mosque opposite, Armand autocomplex, stop "hag"


Room price from: 28$

Almaz auto hotel camping

Adress: Kazakhstan, Karaganda, 108 uchetny kvartal, st031

Phone numberCallCall+7 (7213) 49-23-49, +7-702-444-70-06

Location and features: Area "Toyota center"


Room price from: 5000 KZT

Hotel at uncle Kolya

Adress: Kazakhstan, Karaganda, Kirpichnaya St., 10

Phone numberCall+7-7212-32-08-78

Location and features: Hotel is located in the southern part of the city


Room price from: 17$

Apart Hotel 92/2

Adress: Karaganda, Bukhar-zhyrau Ave. 92/2

Phone numberCall+7 7212 506 220

Location and features

"Apart hotel 92/2" is modern hotel complex with high level of service which includes comfortable numbers, the modern business center, cafe bar, conference rooms and fitness. It is the only hotel in Karaganda working on the international control system of HRS Hospitality & Retail Systems, Oracle. Using this system increases quality of our service. The hotel is on the main prospectus of the city of Karaganda, in the area filled with shopping centers. Such favorable arrangement will allow you to pass easily to any district of the city. The home atmosphere in our hotel is combined with comfortable conditions of accommodation and a fine interior of numbers.



Room price from: 46$

Arnuvo hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Karaganda, boulevard Mira, 4a

Phone numberCall+7 (7212) 42-09-50

Location and features: Hotel opened at the end of 2007 in the center of Karaganda. The successful arrangement, friendly personnel, and the most important – the homeliness which is organically combined with modern technologies of hotel business made "Arnuvo" popular and favourite hotel, especially at foreign guests of Karaganda at once.
The comfortable hotel is located near various entertaining institutions of the city and office buildings. From our hotel to the airport about 40 minutes of driving, from the railroad station to hotel - 10 minutes.


Room price from: 62$

Arlan Guest house

Adress: Kazakhstan, Karaganda, Batyra Bayana st, 72

Phone numberCallCall+7 702 156 73 02, +7 708 436 65 54

Location and features: The Guest house of "Arlan" which only opened waits for the first guests! The guest house of "Arlan" is intended for a lonely, quiet and quiet rest. It is located in silent part of the city, but at the same time it is absolutely close from many information, trade, state, entertaining and religious organizations of the city. For city visitors - it is very convenient as 17,5 km or 15 minutes - exactly so much time are required to reach to us from the international airport of Karaganda of "Sara Arch", on an equal roadbed! To reach to us from the station will take 30 minutes.


Room price from: 43$