Uralsk :: Hotels

Alfa hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Uralsk, Dostyk St., 149

Phone numberCallCall+7 (7172)506 291, +7 777 251 68 22

Location and features: Dear guests and residents of Uralsk. We are glad to invite you our home cozy hotel. It is located in the center of the old city. The house in which the Alfa hotel is located is built 1888 has the big historical importance. In this house there lived the merchant Ovchinnikov. Pass hotel of family type.


Room price from: 14$

Akzhayik hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Uralsk, Kurmangazy St., 80/2

Phone numberCall+7(7112)51-30-21

Location and features: Akzhayik hotel is located in the downtown Uralsk near hotel the Urals. Near hotel the market is located.


Room price from: 9$

Aydana hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Uralsk ave. Eurasia 157

Phone numberCallCallCall+7 (7112) 23 86 18, +7 (7112) 23 74 46, +7 (7112) 23 91 51

Location and featuresThe stylish, modern building of Aydana hotel the prestigious and cozy place for pleasant stay in the Uralsk city. All rooms are equipped with modern furniture,  shower booths, LCD TVs, refrigerators, a minibar. The Aydana hotel pays special attention to quality of service for guests. The quiet house atmosphere, friendly personnel and reasonable prices will make your stay in Uralsk comfortable and pleasant!


Room price from: 14$

Bayan hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Uralsk, Temir Masin St. 67/1

Phone numberCallCall+7 (7112) 50-98-55 , +7 (7112) 50-60-17

Location and features: The hotel is located near the downtown of Uralsk. The two-storeyed building in the downtown, not far from the market, agro college and furniture factory.


Room price from: 40$

Europe mini hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Uralsk, Nurpeisov St., 10/2 (former Teatralnaya St.)

Phone numberCall+7(7112) 51-51-19

Location and features: In the downtown, at once behind city Akimat.


Room price from: 29$


Adress: Uralsk, Abulkhair Khan Ave., 2/9

Phone numberCallCallCall+7 771 132 93 93, +7 778 100 07 31, +7 778 555 84 54

Location and features: area of the Railway Station


Room price from: 3$

Kurmet hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Uralsk, Eskaliyev St., 205

Phone numberCall+7(7112) 519 284

Location and features: It should be noted a location of hotel – in the downtown and, at the same time, in the quiet, "sleeping" district. It is very important for business tourists.


Room price from: 10500 KZT

Pushkin hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Uralsk, Dostyk Ave., уг. Druzhby St. of 148 B

Phone numberCallCall+7(7112) 51-35-60, +7(7112) 50-77-33

Location and features: Welcome to Uralsk, the oldest city in Kazakhstan, where the edges of Europe and Asia traverse the river Ural and where two cultures converge. Allow us to charm you with an unsurpassed service which reflects both Asian and European hospitality.


Room price from: 57$

Park Hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Uralsk, emb., area Samal, 3

Phone numberCallCallCallCall+7(7112) 530 044, +7(7112)530 011, +7(7112)530 185, mob. +7 777 797 57 28

Location and features: Hotel is located on the river bank Chagan.


Room price from: 23$

Rakhat hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Uralsk, Tyulenin St., 47/1

Phone numberCall+7(7112) 54-94-04

Location and features: The Rakhat hotel offers a wide range of hotel services and is open for you at any time! Very beautiful mirror building, magnificent apartments, restaurants, bar, a sauna and a pool, original on the style and design, are located in a park zone, near the downtown!; Entering the hotel hall, you receive the polite and hospitable relation of personnel and unforgettable high-quality service!;


Room price from: 37$

Retro hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Uralsk, Gagarin St. 137/2

Phone numberCall+7 775 277 92 69

Location and features: Hotel is located in downtown of Uralsk


Room price from: 11$

Sayakhat hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Uralsk, Dostyk Ave., 38 (corner T. Masina)

Phone numberCall+7 (7112) 50-09-51

Location and features: Hotel is located in the downtown Uralsk, on crossing of Dostyk-Druzhba Avenue and T. Masin Street.; The hotel represents the five-floor building, is equipped with the elevator. On the 1st and 3rd floors the round-the-clock cafes are located. For business people the small business center in which it is possible to use the computer, the fax, the copier is provided.; Near hotel Sayakhat there are  restaurants, the museums and showroom.


Room price from: 26$

URALS hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Uralsk, Kurmangaza St., 80/2

Phone numberCall+7(7112) 507932; +7(7112) 505033

Location and features: The hotel represents the four-storeyed building, is located in the downtown, near the central market.


Room price from: 4000 KZT

Hotel Victoria

Adress: Kazakhstan, Uralsk, Residential district 4, house 2

Phone numberCallCall+7(7112) 22-83-46, 8 (777) 419 7746

Location and features: It is located 15 min. from the downtown of Uralsk.


Room price from: 9000 KZT

Apart Victory hotel

Adress: WKP, Uralsk, Pobeda St. 105

Phone numberCall8-701-469-24-11

Location and features: Apartments are behind RTs "Galaxy", the shopping and recreation center of "CityCenter", At Height, Pathos and Prague Nights restaurants, Surovsky Hypermarket, and also cafe, banks, boutiques are located nearby.



Adress: Uralsk, ave Eurasia, 46

Phone numberCallCallCallCall8 (777) 747-00-82, 8 (7112) 24-22-85, 8 (7112) 50-58-95, 8 (777) 088-73-70

Location and features: crossing ave Eurasia and Dostyk Ave


The hotel Walked

Adress: Kazakhstan, Uralsk, T. Masin St., 67/1

Phone numberCallCall8 (7112) 50 60 17, 8 (7112) 51 08 92

Location and features: The three-stars Hotel of Chagall is located in the downtown in five minutes of walking from the main prospectus of Uralsk. The hotel is in the quiet beautiful place very convenient for the businessman.


Room price from: 13900 KZT

Yerevan hotel

Adress: city of Uralsk, Abulkhair Khan Ave, 40

Phone numberCall8(7112) 22-25-92

Location and features: area of Prezedentsky school.


Room price from: 6000 KZT