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Aksunkar Airport Hotel
Address: Kazakhstan, Almaty, Zakarpatskaya Street 1B

Phone number
+7 (727) 354 6641+7 (777) 232 5533+7 (702) 927 6323+7 (727) 354 6641, +7 (777) 232 5533, +7 (702) 927 6323

Location and features

The hotel is located in northern part of the city of Almaty, directly near the airport, the four-storeyed building.


Aksunkar Airport Hotel
Aksunkar Airport HotelAksunkar Airport HotelAksunkar Airport HotelAksunkar Airport HotelAksunkar Airport Hotel
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Prices and cost of services and accommodation

Prices 2018
Room "economy" 2-seater: 7000 KZT/day (5000 KZT - 0.5 days).
Room "economy" 3-seater: 10500 KZT/day (7500 KZT - 0.5 days).
Room "standard" 2-seater: 9000 KZT/day (7000 KZT - 0.5 days).
Room "economy" 3-seater: 13500 KZT/day (10500 KZT - 0.5 days).
Junior Suite: 17000 KZT/day (13000 KZT - 0.5 days).
Suite: 22000 KZT/day (17000 KZT - 0.5 days).
Room 3-bed with shared bedroom: 2500 Tg/hour per person, 3500 tenge/day per person

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Additional services

secured parking

Conveniences in the rooms

bathtub, toilet, local television

Checkout time


Payment method

Cash, Bank transfer, credit card

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The most convenient hotel if your flight quite a bit of time) I Flew this way from Kazan to Astana, that is direct from Kazan to Almaty, then from Almaty to Astana. The view from the room at the airfield, room comfortable, everything you need in the wardrobe plenty of hangers and shelves plus cabinets - is where to place it. private bathroom with sink, shower, toilet, besides the usual soap, shampoo were still kits for teeth cleaning - an essential Supplement for those who are not taken.

27.01.2017 10:08


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