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Kochevnik hotel

Address: Kazakhstan, Petropavlovsk, Amangelda St., 163

Show number

How to get here

 Around the Blue Market

Prices and cost of services and accommodation

Price 2023

Standard single – 15,000 KZT a day, 10,000 KZT half a day
Double standard – 15,000 KZT a day, 10,000 KZT half a day
Luxury – 25,000 KZT per person per day, 17,000 KZT half a day

prices can change at any moment

Additional services


Conveniences in the rooms

Shower, toilet, TV, table, bed. In usual room a common toilet.

Checkout time

upon entrance, an opportunity to pay for the 12th hour accommodation

Payment method


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Was passing through with his wife in Petropavlovsk. Needed a place to stay. Asked the taxi driver to the hotel with a Parking lot. He walked up to "the Nomad". Room we, of course, shoved a Suite. Supposedly all the others were busy. Well, that although it was possible to take only 12 hours for 4000 tenge. All we required. The room was terrible. All smoky. On the bed mattress almost was not. In the room of stuffiness. In fact, this Suite involves the conditioning, but the Windows did not mesh. Opened the window to ventilate and immediately the room filled with mosquitoes. The toilet is not bolted to the floor. Almost fell with him. Hot water in the hotel, of course, there is no heater in the room too. But there were two packets of shampoo and one bar of soap. I didn't dare to use them to wash with cold water.
The duvet on the double bed, for some reason, was single but had two pads.
The room was not in the morning, a question to the admin: where and how to drink tea, the latter only shrugged. There is no tea in the bar and dining room feeds only athletes who immediately stopped. By the way, these athletes lifted up the entire hotel at 7am turn on the TV at full volume.

22.02.2017 08:45

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