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Paradise hotel

Address: Kazakhstan, Petropavlovsk, Mira St., 219

Phone number
+7 ...

Prices and cost of services and accommodation

Prices - 2018
The standard is 4000 KZT;
Standard (with TV) - 4500 KZT; 12 hours -3500 KZT

Additional services

sauna, VIP sauna, order of food

Conveniences in the rooms

bed, TV, bathroom, shower, furniture.

Checkout time

upon entrance

Payment method


Nearby are

Rooming house Shanyrak :: Restaurant Bear (Tavern)



Nice rooms, friendly staff, stayed for a couple of days and I do not regret that chose this hotel. Liked the sauna. The only thing not liked is a bathroom in the room.

27.03.2017 10:37

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