Kapchagay :: Resort hotels


Astoria Casino

Address: Kazakhstan, Kapshagay, Industrialnaya St. 6/1

Phone numberCallCallCall+7 (727) 391 60 70, + 7 (727) 391 61 01, + 7 (727) 391 64 44

Location and features: Casino Astoria Casino – a modern and stylish gambling institution of Kazakhstan. The unique interior and faultless service create the atmosphere of ease and comfort.


Akvastori resort hotels

Address: Kazakhstan, Kapchagay, southwest coastal zone,

Phone numberCall8 701 725 42 96

Location and features: Is in the residential district Satellite. Distance to the beach of 350 m.


Aina SU resort

Address: Almaty region, southwest coast of the Kapchagaysky reservoir, Kapchagay, Turistov St. 11

Phone numberCallCallCall8 (72772) 4 59 65, 8 747 615 6642, 8 777 255 2549

Location and features: the southwest coast the Kapchagaysky reservoir, Kapchagay, Turistov St. 11, a stop oil depot, about 400 meters on the road.


Ak-Otau resort

Address: Kazakhstan, Almaty region, Kapchagay, Turistov St. 11

Phone numberCallCall8 (72772) 26516. 8 (701) 412-20-66, 8 (700) 486-25-49

Location and features: in the city of Kapchagay, near a zone of Morelyuks. On Korgan Route Almaty-Taldy without reaching a post "GAI the Boundary" we turn before the bridge to the right (a reference point Elivator). Under the railway bridge turn to the left to Oil depot. From Oil depot there are 700 m to the left


Yurtochny a camping Artyn Orda on the riva

Address: The Almaty Region of 100 km from Almaty, I protected river. Or

Phone numberCall+7 (777) 025 55 78

Location and features: The camping is located in hundred kilometers from the city, on the coast of the river Or. Plunge into the atmosphere of originality, have a rest from daily vanity, receive a charge of energy and cheerfulness!
Clean delightful air, the wild nature, the excellent sandy beach, comfortable pools, - we offer you rather exclusive rest which will be remembered for a long time.