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Alateniz Holiday village resorts

Address: Kazakhstan, VKO, the Lake Alakol, the Art. 13y travel railway in the Almaty direction - the Art. of "Dostyk"

Phone numberCallCallCallCall8 (727) 382 44 00, +7 (727) 382 45 91, 7770123777, 7714117771

Location and features: The Alateniz hotel complex is located on the coast of the Lake Alakol, in 0,5 km from the settlement of Aksha and 670 km from Almaty. Rest on Alakol will help you to relax really, tour to Alakol can be got in the TsAT company. Nearby there are a recreation facility "Pelican" and tour the Alakol base. GPS coordinates: N 455729, E 813343


Room price from: 29$

ALAZIS resorts

Address: East Kazakhstan region, Urdzharsky district, item Kabangbai, coast of the Lake Alakol, recreation facility of ALAZIS

Phone numberCallCall+7 (777) 444-20-90, +7 (707) 444-20-90

Location and featuresNorthern coast of the Lake Alakol, on the first coastline (70 meters to the beach) between recreation areas Aygerim and Bugas


Room price from: 40$


Address: Almaty Region, Alakolsky area, settlement of Aksha

Phone numberCallCallCallCall+7 (705) 650 78 08, +7 (775) 845 79 35, +7 (771) 466 97 75, +7 728 33 300 37

Location and features: The complex is in 65 km from the city of Ucharal, on the coast of the Lake Alakol (settlement of Aksha), Almaty region. Height above sea level 340 meters.


Ademi resotrs

Address: Kazakhstan, Almaty Region, Alakolsky district, item of Aksha

Phone numberCallCall +7 747 815 73 23, +7 775 214 50 58

Location and features: The recreation area  is a unique place on the bank of the Lake Alakol where it is possible to have a good time with a family, with friends and to have a rest from city bustle. We offer you the tasty food, excellent service and also cozy rooms equipped with the conditioner, television, the refrigerator and other attributes for comfortable rest.
The recreation area to be in Almaty region Alakolsky district the settlement of Aksha on the coast of the Lake Alakol near a recreation area the Pelican. This recreation area is constructed in 2013, a complex completely new


Room price from: 17$

Alakol Family Club rest house

Address: Kazakhstan, East Kazakhstan region, Kabangbai (Semipalatinsk party)

Phone numberCallCallCallCall+7 727 250 96 21, +7 727 250 96 22, +7 701 242 00 89, +7 707 471 42 88

Location and features: The Alakol Family Club rest house is the small cozy complex located on the coast of the Lake Alakol.
The rest house is located in only 30 meters from the beach and created for comfortable family rest.
The complex is new, it is put into operation in 2015, the area of the territory makes 4000 sq.m.


Room price from: 37$

Alakol info guest house

Address: Kazastan, Almaty region, Alakolsky district, Settlement of Koktum, Bezrodnykh Street, 36

Phone numberCallCallCall+7 747 5000 571, +7 771 584 2684, +7 707 414 6100

Location and features: Our boarding house is located in 200 meters from the Lake Alakol, in the green settlement of Koktum.


Arasan Alakol Resort Hotel

Address: Kazakhstan, VKO, Lake Alakol, item Kabangbai (former item Zharabulak)

Phone numberCall+7 (727) 329 73 26 +7 (727) 329 80 41

Location and features: Arasan Alakol Resort Hotel is an ideal place for carrying out romantic travel for two, lonely rest or corporate action, a family trip or student's vacation. The vacation spot, unique for these edges, combining the European service and the well-known Kazakh hospitality. Here everyone will find the long-awaited holiday.


Alma-Ata 2 resort

Address: Kazakhstan, Almaty Region, Alakolsky district, Yrgaytinsky rural district, village of Aksha

Phone numberCallCall8 701 2222 914, 8 777 817 17 61

Location and features: 15 meters from the coast. "Alma-Ata 2" is new, family boarding house. Stylish, cozy, comfortable numbers. House atmosphere.


Alakol tourist center

Address: Kazakhstan, Almaty Region, item of Akchi, coast of the Lake Alakol

Phone numberCallCallCallCallCall+7 (727) 375 78 77, 250 69 54, 269 80 65, 375 59 74, +7 701 746 06 21 +7 701 730 65 98

Location and features: to the Lake Alakol of 200-300 meters


Aygerim resort

Address: Kazakhstan, VKO, Lake Alakol

Phone numberCallCall8 (72239)4-80-30, Semey 8 (7222)56 93 66

Location and features: The Aygerim rest house invites you, to carry out unforgettable rest on the coast of the curative Lake ALAKOL!
The unique climate of the salty lake, hot volcanic pebble, the refreshing cool of the purest water will make your rest unforgettable. Hotel rooms from the house-keeper of a class to vip-cottages.


Aswan resort

Address: Kazakhstan, Almaty, Alakolsky district, village of Koktum, Aswan boarding house

Phone numberCallCall8 775 330 64 10, +7(701)277 22 34

Location and featuresThe recreation area "Aswan" brings to your attention: The memorable sea tour of the Lake Alakol at reasonable prices in comfortable conditions. In the territory of our zone comfortable cottages, cozy restaurant, an open summer terrace overlooking mountains, a full range of beach and entertaining infrastructure are located


ARC-tour resort

Address: Almaty Region, Alakolsky district, settlement Koktum's station

Phone numberCallCall+7 (727)279-39-27, 8 705-138-70-29 8702-754-70-94

Location and features

The recreation facility "ARC Tour" operates since 2001 on the place of the former summer camp, the territory is planted trees and shrubs, is on the southern coast of the Lake Alakol, in an environment of the untouched nature, far from noisy vanity of the settlement of Koktum (10 km), near railway station of Koktum (2,5 km).
Distance from Almaty about 650 km, from Taldykorgan – 410 km, from Usharal – 75 km, from Urumqi – 590 km, before boundary transition of Dostyk-Alashankou on border with China – 90 km.


Abylay resort

Address: Kazakhstan, Almaty Region, item of Akchi

Phone numberCallCall 8 701 472 20 20, 8 702 483 67 29

Location and features: 50 meters from the coast


Aydyn Su resort

Address: Kazakhstan, Almaty Region, Koktuma

Phone numberCall+7 (701)577 70 75 +7 (778) 441 45 16 Aydyn

Location and features: Is in the green space on the bank of Alakol in the village of Koktum.


Arys resort

Address: Kazakhstan. VKO. Urdzharskiya district of the settlement of Kabangbai (жарбулак)

Phone numberCall87756067635 Aina

Location and features: The base to be 100 meters from the coast the lake Alakol and directly blizist from the main centers entertainment. Bliz there is a market and shops a drugstore.


Altyn Ebi resort

Address: Kazakhstan, village Akchi

Phone numberCallCallCall+7 (72833) 341 50, +7 701 3264489, 87779664643

Location and features: 100 meters from the beach


Alakol Bugaz resort

Address: Kazakhstan, East Kazakhstan Region, northeast coast of the Lake Alakol

Phone numberCallCall+7 (705) 639 44 59, +7 (771) 202 27 07

Location and features: The center of rest "Alakol" of Bugaz LLP is on the northeast coast of the Lake Alakol. Territory of 10 hectares.


Alika resort

Address: Kazakhstan, village of Akshy

Phone numberCall+7 777 3003378

Location and features: to the beach of 250 meters


Ayazhan - Alakol resort

Address: Kazakhstan, Alakolsky district the settlement of Aksha on the coast of the Lake Alakol (the Left Coast)

Phone numberCallCall8-701-184-80-25, 8-776-213-77-62

Location and features

The recreation area of "AYaZhAN" is a unique place on the bank of the Lake Alakol

Invites you, to spend time with a family, with friends and to have a rest from city bustle.


Armanda resort

Address: Southern part of the Lake Alakol, item of Koktum

Phone numberCallCallCall8(727)232 13-57, 8(727)250-19-62, WhatsApp +7 7079900737 (phones of travel agency)

Location and features: Armanda boarding house is located in 15 meters from the beach


Aksay resort

Address: Semipalatinsk side of the Lake Alakol

Phone numberCallCall+7-727-232-13-56, 232-13-57

Location and features: Semipalatinsk party



Address: lake Alakol, item of Akshy, left coast

Phone numberCallCallCallCall8 701 749 77 69, 8 701 894 89 01, 8 777 832 55 59, 8 707 988 89 11

Location and features: the lake Alakol, the item of Aksha, 90 meters from the coast


Aquamarine resort

Address: Almaty region, Alakolsky district, Akshy

Phone numberCallCallCall8-705-203-06-68, 8-700-505-10-00, 8-777-910-07-17

Location and features

The new rest house, 1 floor brick building trimmed with qualitative construction materials, built in the form of a letter P allows to have the spacious courtyard lit at night improved by paving slabs on which your children will always be in the public eye with structure of the roof allowing even to be in the hottest day in a cool shadow. It isn't surrounded, various trees which excessively attract importunate mosquitoes.


Alakol resort

Address: Almaty Region, Alakolsky area, village Akchi

Phone numberCall8 778 884 21 77

Location and features: in 10 meters from the coast of the Lake Alakol


Ai-La resort

Address: The East of Kazakhstan, in 580 km to the north from the city of Almaty, in valleys of the Dzungarian Ala Tau.

Phone numberCallCall+7 778 288 58 41, +7 701 765 12 65 Abdrakhimova Dariga of Tutkabayevn

Location and features: Clean steppe air, salty water, hot volcanic pebble with the high content of silicon is a unique combination of gifts of the Nature which gives strong improving and preventive effect at problems with skin, joints, female and man's problems, at the lowered immunity at children and adults. Water in the summer very warm (on average +26 degrees). The water mineralization on the water area fluctuates from 1,2 to 11,6 g/l. On structure water hloridno-sodium and хлоридно - sulfate-sodium. In Lake Alakol waters the increased content of fluorine and bromine