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Sanatorium Saryagash of sou

Address: Kazakhstan, Southern Kazakhstan area, Saryagash, resort of Saryagash, 160900
Location and features: Our advantage over other sanatoria of the resort "Saryagash"
* Treatment is carried out by natural mineral water from a source
* the Acceptable vacation package cost
* all medical factors of sanatorium treatment Are observed
* It is recommended for you, your parents, grandfathers and grandmothers, and also everyone
* It isn't necessary to stand in queues
* we Invite all to procedures individually
The sanatorium "Saryagash of sou" small compact sanatorium - a class the house-keeper, Is intended for quiet cozy rest and treatment in a quiet situation. The planted trees and shrubs territory in which the improved fir-trees and thujas in a peremezhka with roses and fruit-trees grow. The source is in the territory of sanatorium. An individual approach to each patient. The professional medical personnel will attentively and politely serve all vacationers of sanatorium. The various dietary menu pleasantly will surprise you. Abundance of fruit and vegetables. East hospitality. It is also possible to get things and footwear at reasonable prices. Persons interested can daily visit the central park of the resort and the indoor pool in the territory of the medical and rehabilitation center Saryagash.

Phone number
+772 537 5 11 66th registry+77025355538,+77774082199+772 537 5 11 66th registry, +77025355538,+77774082199