Bukhtarminsky lake :: Resort hotels

Ayuda resort

Address: Kazakhstan, Ust-Kamenogorsk Kabangbai batyr st, 160 (office)

Phone numberCall+7(7232) 24-30-26

Location and features: Recreation area on the Bukhtarminsky reservoir, the 2nd, 9-timestny lodges, water attractions


Aina resort

Address: Kazakhstan, VKO, 106 km on the bank of the Bukhtarminsky reservoir

Phone numberCall+7 (7232) 50-32-15

Location and features: It is located in 106 kilometers from the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk, on the bank of the Bukhtarminsky reservoir. The first 3 lodges were constructed in 1961 as houses of hunters, and the main construction began in 1964. A zone very big — about 600 lodges. Some of them the 3rd, 4-seater wooden with verandahs, others 5-, 6-seater shlakoblochny. The last constructed not so long ago.


Recreation area Chaika (Boarding house)

Address: Kazakhstan, VKO, 150 km of the item Serebryansk, New bukhtarka

Phone numberCall+7 (7232) 26 57 00

Location and features: in a recreation area "The blue gulf" on the Bukhtarminsky reservoir of Entertainment: discobar, a bath, the TV, hire of boats and catamarans, tennis, walks on the boat 2 times a day, the beach sandy.


Recreation area Dawn

Address: Kazakhstan, East Kazakhstan Region Zyryanovsky district, page. Altaian

Phone numberCallCallCallCall8(72335)55523, 8(72335)55312, +7 707 13 555 91 (mobile), +7 705 445 63 36 (mobile 2)

Location and features: The recreation area the Dawn is the former summer camp in East Kazakhstan. Therefore "esthetics" of summer camps is saved. The subject of course disputable, but is pleasant to much. People feel nostalgic, even tell the children about "former times". But, as a rule, all eat in the dining room (on 240 seats). During arrival you decide - on a dining arrival or not. The cost of residence, respectively, depends on it. It is possible to pay accommodation on the place.


Recreation facility

Address: VKO, Zyryanovsky district, settlement. New Bukhtarma

Phone numberCallCall+7 747 525 08 08, +7 705 243 30 80

Location and features: on departure from the item. A new bukhtarma, opposite / about "Family"


Room price from: от 12000 KZT

Recreation area Jolly Roger

Address: Kazakhstan, VKO, item. Coastal, Butarminsky reservoir

Phone numberCall+7 (777) 735 96 64

Location and features: The recreation facility "Jolly Roger" would be in the lonely place on the bank of the Bukhtarminsky reservoir in 4.5 km below the settlement Coastal above / about "The Altai bay".


Recreation area Lavender

Address: Kazakhstan, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Burov St., 9, 3

Phone numberCall(7232) 26-19-15

Location and features: on the Bukhtarminsky reservoir, summer holiday


Mokhnatk recreation area

Address: Kazakhstan, VKO, Zyryanovsky district, settlement. New Bukhtarma, coast of the Bukhtarminsky reservoir, region of Mr. Mokhnatk.

Phone numberCallCall8 72335 28154, 8 777 857 2490

Location and features

Distance from the item. New Bukhtarma - 2 km Recreation facility is located on a site of 11 Hectares in size. The road with a crushed-stone covering approaches a site. The recreation facility provides two functional zones: inhabited and economic.


Recreation area Orion

Address: East Kazakhstan region, Ust-Kamenogorsk

Phone numberCallCall(7232) 25-33-27, 87771466688

Location and features: Bukhtarminsky reservoir


Recreation facility Prostokvashino

Address: The Bukhtarminsky reservoir around Samarki (between Mirolyubovkaya and Novotimofeevka)

Phone numberCallCallCallPhone on base: +7(723)335-03-98, Phone in Ust-Kamenogorsk: +7(723)257-69-03, Mobile: +7-777-265-47-67

Location and features

The recreation facility "Prostokvashino" is on the Samara coast of the Bukhtarminsky reservoir in 170 km from Ust-Kamenogorsk between the settlements of Mirolyubovka and Novotimofeevka. The parcel on base is in 4.5 km after the index on Palatsa.

Coordinates for navigators:
Parcel 49 ° 3'35.18 "With, 83 °47'4.68" In
Base 49 ° 3'11.92 "With, 83 °47'34.29" In


Recreation area Picnic

Address: Kazakhstan, Ust-Kamenogorsk, st. of Kirov, 69-1

Phone numberCall(7232) 26-14-16 8 (7232) 26-18-56

Location and features: Recreation area on the coast of the Bukhtarminsky reservoir


Recreation area Rainbow

Address: Kazakhstan, VKO, Ust-Kamenogorsk, 159/1 Summer holiday

Phone numberCallCallCall8(7232) 52-60-70, 8-777-331-86-66, 8-777-542-27-09 ; 8-7232-26-16-41.

Location and features: through a hill from recreation facility of "Ainu", on the bank of the Bukhtarminsky reservoir


Recreation area Summer

Address: Kazakhstan, VKO, Bukhtarminsky reservoir

Phone numberCallCall8(7232) 77-78-01, 8-705-135-69-12.

Location and features: about recreation facility "Mashzavodska Borok"