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Ai-La resort

Address: The East of Kazakhstan, in 580 km to the north from the city of Almaty, in valleys of the Dzungarian Ala Tau.

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 Clean steppe air, salty water, hot volcanic pebble with the high content of silicon is a unique combination of gifts of the Nature which gives strong improving and preventive effect at problems with skin, joints, female and man's problems, at the lowered immunity at children and adults. Water in the summer very warm (on average +26 degrees). The water mineralization on the water area fluctuates from 1,2 to 11,6 g/l. On structure water hloridno-sodium and хлоридно - sulfate-sodium. In Lake Alakol waters the increased content of fluorine and bromine

Ai-La resort
Ai-La resort

Additional services

Children's playground, summer cafe (shish kebabs, I koktat, the siyena and many other things), discos.

Conveniences in the rooms

Recreation area "Is Ah-scarlet" and I am glad to offer you cozy numbers of the following types:

1. Standard room: 1 room, 3-5 places. In room of a bed, a prikhozhiya, the TV and the conditioner. A shower and a toilet in the territory.

2. Suite room: 1 room, 2-4 places. In room of a bed, a hanger, a curbstone, the TV, the conditioner, the refrigerator, also a shower and a toilet.

3. VIP room: 2 rooms, 2-5 places. In room of a bed, a platyany case, a case with regiments, a dresser and a mirror, a table, also the TV, the conditioner, the refrigerator, a shower and a toilet.

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