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Boutique hotel Orynbor (left coast, region of EXPO)

Adress: Astana, Orynbor St. 50 (opposite to presidential garages)

Phone numberCallCallCall+7 778 1017457, +7(7172)33-01-06, +7(707)1017457

Location and features: Left coast, region of expo, triumphal arch, Prosecutor General's Office, city court of Astana


Room price from: 40 $


Adress: Astana, Sarayshik St. 40 (left coast, Bayterek, house of the ministries, Shopping Center Keruyen, Stern, FB "Samruk-Kazyna", KazMunaiGas)

Phone numberCallCall+7(7172) 569 443, mob. tel. +7 778 556 62 22

Location and features: The Versailles hotel is located in the downtown on the left bank, opposite to the House of the Ministries. Directly near hotel 5 minutes of walking there are Bayterek, Singing fountains, City park, the ideal place of residence for tourists. As many Government Bodies and the National Companies (Presidential Administration, the Government, Parliament, "NWF of "Samruk-Kazyna", the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health, Budget Planning, KTZh, etc.) are within walking distance from hotel.


Room price from: 37 $

Aparthotel Astana -Triumf

Adress: Kazakhstan, Astana, Kabanbay batyr st. 11

Phone numberCall+7 775 335 00 00

Location and features

Astana Triumph ApartHotel - distinguishes with a nice elegant design of interior and exterior: high monumental building of aparthotel, unusual architectural decision, combination of quality and beauty; interior features classical style and distinguishes with elegance – marble staircases, art figures, high ceilings.


Room price from: 42$

Agat hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Astana, Tolstoy St. 17/1

Phone numberCallCall+7(7172)52 13 44, +7 702 232 27 44

Location and features: Crossing of streets of Sembinov of Tolstoy.
Agat hotel Astana is located in a quiet cozy corner in the center of the old city. The hotel is open in 2013 and is ready to open before you the doors of one of the best rooms in Astana.


Room price from: 29$

Art Hotel Astana hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Astana, Zheltoksan St. 42

Phone numberCallCallCall+7 (7172) 30 20 20, +7 (7172) 38-00-53, mob. +7 702 595 11 61

Location and features: The Art Hotel Astana hotel  is located in quiet and peaceful part of Astana city, with a convenient access road, in several minutes of driving to the business center of the capital, in 30 minutes of driving from the international airport and 10 minutes of driving from the railway station.


Room price from: 29$

Astana Apple hostel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Astana, Rakymov st 22

Phone numberCallCallCall+7 707 847 38 36 rus/eng , 8 701 424 66 11 rus, 8 705 520 08 43 kz/ru

Location and features: near crossing of streets of Imanov and Valikhanov, yellow, brick house. Entrance from the back.


Room price from: 7$

ASTINA hotel complex

Adress: Astana, Southeast left side, Burabay 44 St.

Phone numberCallCall+7-7172-999-918, +7-747-909-99-18

Location and features: STROYMART Hypermarket, behind school No. 52


Room price from: 17$

Astana Park Hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Astana, left coast, Turan Ave., 2 (city park zone).

Phone numberCall+7 (7172) 55-63-33

Location and features: Astana Park hotel – the only hotel located in the central park zone of the city of Astana near a business, cultural and administrative center of the capital, with a fine panorama of the Ishim River, and at distance of 13 km from the international airport. The Astana Park hotel is a modern business hotel for the business people appreciating comfort, high quality level of service and active recreation. Our level of service and warm hospitality will create for you the special atmosphere of a cosiness and comfort. On the car: on Saryark St. through the bridge, after the bridge the first turn to the right under the bridge. From the left coast on Saryark St. without reaching the bridge the first turn to the right.


Room price from: 37$

Absolute Hotel

Adress: Astana, Beybitshilik St., 47/2

Phone numberCallCall+7 (7172) 31-47-42, +7 701 945 28 24

Location and features: nearby there is the Astana medical university — 110 m.


Room price from: 57$

ApartInn hotel

Adress: Astana, Dostyk Ave., 5/1

Phone numberCall+7-701-960-99-98

Location and features: Apartments of Apart Inn are located in the center of Astana, in a housing estate "Polar lights". The national academic library of the Republic of Kazakhstan is in 4 minutes of walking. Left coast.


Room price from: 48$

Azamat hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Astana, Shakarim Kudayberdiuly Ave., 7

Phone numberCallCallCallCall+7 (7172) 34-21-14, +7 (7172) 34-13-49, +7 771 581 93 40, +7 775 726 37 27

Location and features

Action!!! "All inclusive" at payment for three days and more, in the cost of a hotel room it will be included besides accommodation, a breakfast, a lunch, a dinner.
ACTION FOR NEWLYWEDS (fruit, champagne, registration by gel spheres) on the second number 50 of % a discount.
Stock "7th night gift"

The Azamat hotel is located on the right bank, with a convenient traffic intersection. On public transport it is possible to reach any point of the city (a stop directly before the hotel building). The special prices of hotel "Azamat" make hotel available for the most wide range of business guests and tourists. We are always glad to welcome you and are ready to do everything possible that your stay in our hotel was comfortable and pleasant.


Room price from: 22 $


Adress: Astana, Balkantau St., 94

Phone numberCallCall+7 747 941 58 87, +7 701 750 07 76

Location and features

The southeast, on crossing of streets of Satbayev (Mirzoyan) and Balkantau. Arrival from Tauyelsizdik Ave., from Zhumabayev, and Momysh ulн. In silent central part of Astana new and surprisingly beautiful hotel opened the doors.

Area of trading house of Rakhmet.


Room price from: 20$

Alkuat hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Astana, Goethe St., 1/1

Phone numberCallCallCallCall+7 (7172) 94-17-66 (hotel), +7 (7172) 94-17-68, +7 (7172) 94-17-65 (saune), +7 (7172) 93-28-85

Location and features: near the Astana railway station


Room price from: 14 $

Mini hotel ALIKHAN

Adress: Astana, Dostyk St., house No. 1

Phone numberCallCall+7 (7172)46-98-10, +7 778 364-44-14

Location and features: Reference point: Near the round area - Astana, KazMunaiGas, the New mosque "Nour Astana", Expocentre to the Stern, Kazakhstan темир zholy, Shopping Center Aziya park, Shopping Center Keruyen, Bayterek. The left bank - the center of Astana.


Room price from: 28 $

Hostel Americana

Adress: Astana, Baltaly St., 2

Phone numberCall+7 775 828 77 50

Location and features: near the U.S. Embassy. Right bank.


Room price from: 6$

Olzha hotel

Adress: Astana, Beketay St., 12th, corner of Moskovskaya St.

Phone numberCallCallCall+7 7172 38 12 09, +7 701 759 42 12, +7 778 700 77 05

Location and features
Right bank. Nearby bus-stops.


Room price from: 17 $

Akku Hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Astana, Ryskulov St., 22

Phone numberCallCall+7 7172 752 700, +7 7172 752 702

Location and features: The hotel is located in historic center of the city of Astana. (a reference point - about "The central stadium")


Room price from: 50 $

Arystan hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Astana, Arkayym St., 2

Phone numberCall+7(7172)29-57-94

Location and features: The southeast, on the old Karaganda track. Right bank.


Room price from: 20$

Akzhayik hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Astana, Esenberlin St. house 7.

Phone numberCallCall+7 (7172) 380 137, +7 (7172)380 191

Location and features: Our hotel opened the doors for inhabitants and guests of the capital at the brisk intersection, in five minutes of walking from the Main gate of the city - the railway station and long-distance bus station. Opposite to hotel the Opera and ballet theater of K. Bayseitova and numerous trading houses are located. At the same time the hotel is surrounded from city bustle with the small square creating the cozy atmosphere.


Room price from: 14 $

Alas Hotel

Adress:  Kazakhstan, Astana, Makhtumkuly St., 9

Phone numberCallCall+7(7172) 56-14-58, +7(7172)54-95-05

Location and features: The hotel is located in historic center of the city of Astana. (a reference point - behind Vstrecha trading house, on the left)


Room price from: 18 $

Altyn Adam Hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Astana, S. Seyfullina St., 26

Phone numberCallCallCall+7(7172) 32-77-24, +7 (7172) 32-71-34, +7(7172) 32-24-18

Location and features: (a reference point - between Zheltoksan St. and Beybitshelek St.)  Adam Hotel complex is located in the center of Astana about the Prezidensky Palace. The hotel combines a cosiness, a modern interior, high level of service. Right bank.


Room price from: 28 $

Almaly hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Astana, Tauyelsyzdyk Ave., 6

Phone numberCallCall+7 (717) 236 26 31, +7-701-622-06-73

Location and features: The hotel complex of "Almaly" pened in 2005. It is the three-storeyed complex which is in the quiet district of the city of Astana for those who appreciates comfort. The complex is equipped with two saunas and 19 rooms. Right coast.


Room price from: 22.5 $

Altyn Dala Hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Astana, Begeldinov St., 8

Phone numberCallCallCall+7(7172) 32-33-11, +7(7172) 32-77-49, +7(7172) 32-88-32

Location and features: Hotel is located in the center of Astana, right bank.


Room price from: 31$

Astana hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Astana, Gete 1

Phone numberCall+7 (7172) 93-24-38

Location and features: The hotel is located in historic center of the city of Astana. A reference point - the Hotel is located in the building of railroad station


Room price from: 22 $

Hotel Aka

Adress: Kazakhstan, Astana, Zhenis Ave. 79

Phone numberCallCallCall+7(7172) 94-82-48, +7(7172)52-29-71, +7(7172) 52-29-70

Location and features: Cozy roomss for reasonable prices are provided by the Aka hotel located between the old center of Astana and stations. At your service 39 rooms of categories standard and suite. High-quality service. Accommodation with comfort. Region of rail road station. Right bank.


Room price from: 18 $

Astana Zhamilya mini-hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Astana, Dostyk 1

Phone numberCallCall+7(7172) 52-43-53 , +7(7172)52-43-97

Location and features: The Astana Zhamilya hotel offers all city visitors the hotel rooms located in the New downtown of Astana on the Left river bank Ishim. The hotel has only four cozy numbers thanks to what the silence and tranquility is guaranteed to guests of hotel. Left bank


Room price from: 36 $

Agidel hotel

Adress: Kazakhstan, Astana, Goethe St., 1b

Phone numberCallCallCall+7 (7172) 38 14 07, +7 (7172) 49-54-90, +7 (7172) 93-35-51

Location and features: The hotel is located near the downtown of Astana. Region of rail road station. Right bank.


Room price from: 25 $

Aru mini-hotel

Adress: Astana, Zhanazhol St., 6/1

Phone numberCall+7-705-299-92-21

Location and features: Right coast


Room price from: 14$

Hotel Aynakol

Adress: Astana, Aynakol St., 42

Phone numberCall+7 (7172) 25-70-80; +7-702-270-90-80; +7 (7172) 25-70-81

Location and features: Left coast. It is founded in May, 2015. This equipped, modern three-storeyed building will be ideally suited both for business trips, and for family rest.


Room price from: 29$