Almaty Mountains :: Resort hotels


A-Club hotel (Center of Rest)

Address: Kazakhstan, Almaty, 050000 KZT, Al-Farabi Remizovskoye Avenue Gorge

Phone numberCallCall7 (727)380-32-57, 380-32-58

Location and features: The 4th stars Hotel - the Center of Rest "A-Club" is located in the environmentally friendly area of the Remizovsky gorge, approximately in 2 minutes of driving from Al-Farabi Avenue, one of the main highways of Almaty. The hotel occupies two complexes and is in the picturesque foothill place where doesn't reach a city smog.


Altyn Kargaly hotel

Address: Kazakhstan, Almaty, Zhandosova, 204

Phone numberCallCall+7(727)250 08 22, 250 08 28

Location and features

We invite in one of health resorts of Kazakhstan — Altyn Kargaly hotel sanatorium!

The Altyn-Kargaly hotel sanatorium is located in the picturesque place of the southern part of the city of Almaty in which the unique favorable microclimate with clean air was created, and all conditions for improvement and good rest are created.

The hotel sanatorium suggests to complete a course of sanatorium treatment, to have a rest from city bustle and to spend unforgettable days off by all family, to organize corporate actions in a circle of colleagues and friends, to hold an unforgettable celebration at restaurant.


Clinical Sanatorium of "Almaty Resort"

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Askarov St.

Phone numberCallCall+7 (727) 300 34 00, +7 (727) 300 35 35

Location and features: The sanatorium was founded in 1967, is a versatile health resort and is a part of the system of Medical control center of affairs of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. From January, 2008 to September, 2010, at the request of the Head of state, total reconstruction of sanatorium was carried out. In structure of the resort of 7 cases: (3-sleeping, 2 administrative and entertaining, 1-medical, 1 sports).


Almatau-House hotel

Address: Almaty, Almatau, 15

Phone numberCall+7 705 220 65 38

Location and features: The gorge Kotyrbulak (The forest fairy tale, Tabagang, Tau Samal), above the settlement of Beskaynar, Almatau's territory



Address: Kazakhstan, Almaty, Almarasan St.

Phone numberCallCall+7 775 823 56 96, 8-775-208-00-36

Location and features: We invite you to visit a complex of family rest "Asem to a ta", located in the most picturesque place of Zailiysky Ala Tau - the Almaarasansky gorge. You can celebrate weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and any other celebrations in our 6 yurtas (2 of them – eight-rope and 4 - twelve-rope), everyone can accept 60 people.


Aksu recreation area and resort

Address: Kazakhstan, Almaty region Kaskelensky gorge

Phone numberCallCall+7 701 887 05 05, +7 701 707 05 03

Location and features: Time spent in these amazing places fills life with new bright paints. Surge in emotions during fishing, the most tasty catch on a table, the ringing air, freshness of water and a bright sun load special energy.


Almatau resort

Address: Almaty region, the Gorge "Bel – Bulak"

Phone numberCallCallCall+7 (777) 2823918, +7 (701) 3815076, +7 (727) 3938877

Location and features: The house is located in the beautiful picturesque place, in the territory of the tourist Almatau base. Accomodates in itself 10-15 people. 15 berths on three floors.


Aul Resort

Address: Kazakhstan, Almaty regional, on the 36th kilometer of the top road of Almaty-Bishkek, before the settlement of Zhandosov

Phone numberCallCall+7 (727) 305 98 40, +7 777 270 89 90

Location and features: It is the magnificent place for active recreation with a surprising combination of centuries-old traditions of nomads and modern conveniences. The complex settles down in Karasaysky district at a foot of mountains of Zailiysky Ala Tau, on the top route Almaty-Bishkek, on the 36th kilometer from the center of Almaty.


Ak Bulak resort and hotel

Address: Kazakhstan, Almaty Region, Talgarsky district. village of Ryskulov

Phone numberCallCallCall+ 7 727 259-94-90, + 7 727 259-94-91, + 7 727259-94-92

Location and features: All pleasures of rest and carrying out business - meetings will provide you the picturesque resort of "JSC Bulak" located in 40 km to the east of Almaty in the foothills of Zailiysky Ala Tau at the height of 1600 meters above sea level. At all seasons of the year the mountain resort "And қ Bla қ" is the best place in mountains of Zailiysky Ala Tau! You love active and extreme recreation? You prefer walks and picnics in the fresh air? Or just you want to open for themselves new picturesque places? Here everyone will find work to liking because all roads conduct in "And қ Bl қ"!


Alma Port resort hotel

Address: Kazakhstan, Mr. Talgar, Sedov St., 7, corner Abay st

Phone numberCallCallCallCall+7 (727) 307 30 98, +7 (701) 705 41 98, +7 (776) 220-94-82, +7 (707) 678-75-04

Location and features: From printing house to the right second barrier.



Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Mailing St., 238

Phone numberCall+7 (727) 2 340 440

Location and features: We are - down the street Maylina turn car center of "Bipekavto" the area of VAZ.
The Three-copecks Piece if complex is designed by us in such a way that gives the chance to use objects for rest in various purposes.


Altair Children camp

Address: Almaty region, Karasaysky district, the village of Bekbolat – 35 km from the Southern capital

Phone numberCallCallCallCall+7 (727) 243-08-20, +7 (727) 329-43-25, +7 (701) 733-03-05, +7 (705) 111-03-37

Location and features: The children's recreation camp "Altair" invites children from 7 to 14 years, to spend summer vacation in the picturesque foothills of Zailiysky Ala Tau! Clean mountain air and good mood, a bright sun and fascinating excursions, the highly topical program created by the professional Altair team is what expects your child during rest in our camp.


Alpine Rose Hotel

Address: Kazakhstan, Almaty, Big Almaty gorge

Phone numberCallCall+7 777 747 43 03, +7 777 747 43 58

Location and features: Big Almaty gorge, Northern Tien Shan. The Almaty hotel "Alpine Roza" is located at the height of 2300 m above sea level at distance of 3 km from the Big Almaty lake.


Auyl Tau (Home Club) resort

Address: Kazakhstan, the Almaty Region Karasaysky district, on the top Kaskelenskaya Route.

Phone numberCallCallCallCall+7(727) 308-23-63, +7 701 906 17 17, +7 775 922 21 12, +7 701 924 92 63

Location and features: "Auyl Tau" Family and improving complex. We are located in the foothills of Zailiysky Ala Tau in the mouth of the river Shamolgan, in Almaty region near Kaskelen. The complex is surrounded by the virgin nature, picturesque mountains and the Alpine meadows.


Almatau Rest guest house

Address: Kazakhstan, Almaty regional, is on Almatau's camp site, Tabagang's region.

Phone numberCallCallCall+7 (701) 725 48 83, +7 (727) 393 37 86, +7 (701) 940 10 21

Location and features: The cottage is located in the territory Il - Alatausky natural park, in the gorge Katyrbulak, the area (Tabagang, Tau Samala, Lesnoy of the Fairy tale) is 2 km higher than the settlement of Beskaynar in the most beautiful place, in the territory of Almatau's camp site, in 20 minutes of driving from the airport and 25 minutes of driving from the city of Almaty. The area of the house is 420 sq.m with a capacity up to 26 berths. The wild nature, hrustalno clean air, the mountain small river, picturesque types will give you a charge of cheerfulness and good mood for all week.